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Noussanseux is a French support company for Portuguese and French-speaking artists and labels. She owns a Trademark and Clothing Merch;

Founded in 2019 by KAPIA KAPEMBE in the early

was just a simple clothing store and the producer worked with big names in Portuguese-speaking music, so it was in 2020 that the company. partners with ADDY KILLA one of the best Angolan producer so the label takes the PIR RECORDZ catalog and become one of the emerging distribution labels leader in the management of independent artists & record labels,

With a catalog of more manager artists and 5 record labels being managed between PARIS - LUANDA - KINSHASA.

During the year 2021 to 2022 We have worked with the best producers, song engineer, Portuguese-speaking Director, such as GAIA BEAT - PUTO PORTUGUES - NAGRELHA DOS LAMBAS - YOUNG DOUBLE, TIO EDSON artists currently signing in MAJOR such as Universal or SONY

We offer all the chances on the side of our artists to achieve their goals by offering them various possibilities of featuring with international and national artists.


Contact us so we can work together.

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